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Fresh and returning students are required to register at the beginning of every session. Registration entails the following:


  1. Payment of stipulated fees at the designated bank, and issuance of payment receipts at the Bursary.
  2. Course Registration at the department into which the student is admitted.

iii.        Submission of completed registration forms, duly signed by all authorized officers, at the appropriate offices.


2.6.1    Maximum Credit Load

  1. Normally a student is expected to register for a maximum course load of 24 credit units per semester.
  2. A student having carryover courses must not exceed 30 credit units per semester.


2.6.2    School Directors/Academic Advisers are available for advice concerning programme requirements, course selection and course loads.


2.6.3    Registration Deadlines

  1. Students are required to complete all registration formalities within the stipulated registration period of one month.
  2. An additional grace period of one month shall be allowed for late registration which shall attract a penalty of N5,000.00.

iii         Any student who fails to comply with the laid down registration deadlines shall be deemed to have withdrawn from the programme.

  1. A list of duly registered students shall be published not later than one week after the late registration deadline, to enable students know their student status.

2.6.4    Registration For National Examination

Only students on clear standing shall be permitted to register for   national/professional examinations.


2.6.5    Registration for Resit National Examination

  1. Students who are to re-sit national/professional examination must complete registration formalities within one month from the date of release of the national examination result.
  2. Late registration shall attract a penalty of N5,000.00.

iii.        Failure to re-sit national examination course(s) within two years from the date of first attempt, shall lead to withdrawal of admission.



All Students are required to have a photo

identification card validated by the Registrar of the College, to serve as a proof of registration. The I.D card remains effective as long as the bearer is still in school.