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Student Union Government

The College operates an autonomous Student Union Government. Membership of the union is voluntary and open to only full time registered students of the College.


Organs of the Student Union Government


Student Executive Council.


Vice President

General Secretary

Assistant General Secretary

Financial Secretary


Director of Sports

Welfare Officer

Public Relations Officer

Auditors I & II

Provosts I & II


Student Representative Council (S.R.C.)

The Speaker of the House

The Deputy Speaker

The Clerk

The Chief Whip


Student Congress

The entire student body constitute the Student Congress.


SUG Elections

Election into the various offices of the Student Union Government is held annually, at the beginning of each academic session. The elections are overseen by the Director of Student’s Affairs, who ensures a hitch-free exercise.

Functions of the Student Union Government

(i)         The Union serves as a link between the student body and the College authorities.

(ii)        The primary function of the SUG is to represent students of the College in matters concerning their life on campus and to also provide support for them.

(iii)       The Union also ensures that communication between the students and the college authorities is always effective.

(iv)       All activities of the union are approved by the Provost before they are carried out.

(v)        The SUG’s constitution is also approved by the Provost before it becomes effective.

(vi)       The Director of Student Affairs oversees the affairs of the SUG.