• Admission into the College is open to all applicants, irrespective of race, sex, place of birth, religion or political affiliations.
  • The language of instruction is English.
  • Persons below the age of sixteen (16) years of age are not eligible for admission.
  • Admission into College’s certificate/diploma programmes is based on the candidates success in the entrance examination conducted by the College, in addition to possession of stipulated entry requirements.
  • Admission into the National Diploma programmes of the College: Admission is through the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB). Candidates must possess the West African School Certificate, General Certificate in Education (O’Level) the senior secondary school certificates or their equivalent with credit in at least five subjects including English Language and Mathematics. In addition to the above, candidates must have a satisfactory performance in the relevant subject combinations at the JAMB examination.
  • Candidates may be required to present themselves for interview or further examinations where applicable.

Only Students who have registered and have matriculated are allowed to defer their admission.


A student who gained admission into the College through fraudulent/improper means shall have his or her admission cancelled anytime the anomaly is discovered.


The College does not entertain application for change of course in view of limited spaces.


Concurrent enrolment is prohibited. Students of the College are not permitted to enroll in two full time programmes at the same time, either within the college or in other educational institutions.


Fresh and returning students are required to register at the beginning of every session. Registration entails the following:

  1. Payment of stipulated fees.
  2. Course Registration.
  3. Submission of completed registration forms, duly signed by all authorized officers, at the appropriate offices.

Maximum Credit Load

  • Normally a student is expected to register for a maximum course load of 24 credit units per semester.
  • A student having carryover courses must not exceed 30 credit units per semester.

School Directors/Academic Advisers are available for advice concerning programme requirements, course selection and course loads.

 Registration Deadlines

  1. Students are required to complete all registration formalities within the stipulated registration period of one month.
  2. An additional grace period of one month shall be allowed for late registration which shall attract a penalty of N5,000.00.
  3. Any student who fails to comply with the laid down registration deadlines shall be deemed to have withdrawn from the programme.
  4. A list of duly registered students shall be published not later than one week after the late registration deadline, to enable students know their student status.

Registration For National Examination

(Technician Programme)

Only students on clear standing shall be permitted to register for national/professional examinations.

Registration for Resit of National Examination (Technician Programme)

  1. Students who are to re-sit national/professional examinations must complete registration formalities within one month from the date of release of the national examination result.
  2. Late registration shall attract a penalty of N5,000.00.
  3. Failure to re-sit national examination course(s) within two years from the date of first attempt, shall lead to withdrawal of admission.

All Students are required to have a photo identification card validated by the Registrar of the College, to serve as a proof of registration. The I.D card remains effective as long as the bearer is still in school.


A week long orientation programme is always organized for fresh students of the College. The programme is aimed at acquainting the fresh students with the College environment, with existing rules and regulations of the College and with life on campus. The orientation programme is mandatory for all fresh students and should be taken seriously.


Matriculation signifies the formal acceptance of fresh students to the College. All fresh students are required to take the matriculation oath and sign the matriculation register.


A student is expected to complete his/her level course within the prescribed period of time, but shall be allowed to continue for extra two (2) years.


Each semester shall consist of thirteen (13) to fifteen (15) teaching weeks and two (2) weeks for revision, and end of course examinations.

  1. Only relevant text books approved by the School Board are to be recommended to students.
  2. Lessons taught must be entered in a class attendance register, and must be endorsed by both the course lecturer and the student/course representative.

The under listed activities are prohibited

  1. Selling or buying of course handout directly or indirectly.
  2. Imposition of text books on students.
  3. Marketing of text books in the classroom.

Any student found engaging in the marketing of      course material, or collecting of money from other students for assignment, on behalf of a lecturer, shall  be disciplined.

  • ‘Sorting’ in cash and kind is prohibited. Any student who indulges in ‘sorting’ shall face dismissal.
  1. Students are expected to present a project or term paper as part of graduation requirement.
  2. Students are to choose their project/seminar topic themselves while the project supervisors are to guide them in making the choice.
  3. Supervisors are not to impose topics on students.
  4. On no account should fees be paid for project supervision.
  1. Semester examinations for all programmes of the College.
  2. For the technician programmes, professional Board examinations are conducted at national level by the respective professional regulatory Boards, at the end of the training period.

Conference marking is adopted for all Remedial as well as professional/national examinations set by the College.


Assessment of students course work is continuous terminating with Semester examinations.

Assessment entails, Mid-semester test, Practical work, Homework or Project Assignment which sum up to 30% while semester examination constitutes 70%.  The raw scores are computed into grades and classified.

Any student who fails to participate in the continuous assessment activities will have an incomplete result in the course designated as ‘IR’ and shall carry over the course.

It is an offence to give a student passing grade when the students does not merit it.

  1. Pass Grade: A student with CGPA of 2.00 and above will be promoted to the next level.
  2. Probation: A student is placed on academic probation when his/her GPA/CGPA is below 2.00 at the end of a semester. Such a student may be asked to either repeat the session or withdraw from the programme if the GPA/CGPA is not improved at the end of the subsequent semester.
  3. Repeat: A student with CGPA between 1.5 – 1.99 is to repeat the academic year.
  4. Withdrawal: A student with CGPA less than 1.5 is asked to withdraw for academic failure. Such student may apply for re-admission in the following session .
  5. Condition for the Award of Diploma: A minimum CGPA for the award of diploma shall be 2.00 plus pass grade in all courses of the programme. Also all other requirements of the programme such as Industrial Training (IT) must be satisfactorily completed for award of diploma.

Classification of Diploma

  • Class of Result                      CGPA
  • Distinction                              3.50  –  4.00
  • Upper Credit                           3.00 –  3.49
  • Lower Credit                           2.50  – 2.99
  • Pass                                           2.00 –  2.49
  • Fail                                            0.00 – 1.99

College Grading System for Technician Programmes

Score                                       Grading                       Point

  • 80% – 100%                      A+                             4.0
  • 70% – 79%                         A                                3.5
  • 60% – 69%                        B                                3.0
  • 50% – 59%                        C                                2.5
  • 40% – 49%                        D                               2.0
  • 0% – 39%                          F                                0.0

Withdrawal for Academic Failure (WAF): A student shall be advised to withdraw from the College if he/she fails to achieve the minimum CGPA of 1.5 and above required to remain in school.

Temporary Withdrawal from Study: A student may be granted on request, leave of absence from the College for a maximum period of two academic years. Such a student must have completed indexing with the programme regulatory body where applicable to qualify for temporary withdrawal from study.

Withdrawal without Notice: A student who withdraws from the College without notice or written approval, shall loose his or her admission and shall only be re-admitted   through the regular process of fresh admission.

Withdrawal on Medical Grounds: A student who wishes to withdraw on medical grounds, must present a medical report from a Government hospital as evidence to back up his/her application.

Advice to Students Wishing to Withdraw from Study: Students who wish to withdraw from the College are advised to speak with the college counselor or their academic adviser on the academic consequences of their withdrawal.

Refund of Fees: Fees paid into College’s account without authorization are not refundable.