College Administration

Teaching and Learning

The academic session is divided into two semesters each consisting of a minimum of 13 weeks and a maximum of 15 weeks of teaching, followed by two weeks of revision and end of course assessment.

Programmes of the College

The programmes of the College are undertaken either at certificate or Diploma levels for a specified number of years. Each programme consists of discrete courses designed for a particular level of study which normally are completed in a semester. Each course is assigned a credit value. The programme curriculum stipulates the number of credit units required for the award of College Diplomas and Certificates.


Schools are responsible for supervising clusters of programmes offered in the departments within the School. A School is headed by the Director of School who is a member of the school appointed by the Governing Council  to serve for a renewable tenure of two years satisfactory performance. The Director of School reports to the Provost for the day to day running of    the school. Below the Director of school in the administrative hierarchy is the head of department.

Academic Department

An academic department is a Unit in the school devoted to a particular academic discipline. It provides and administers a course of study, and is responsible for the selection of students for the course.

The department is headed by an elected member appointed by the Provost. The Head of Department reports to the Director of School for the day to day running of the department.


The College is committed to maintaining and improving the quality of education it provides. This process is overseen by the Academic Quality Assurance Committee; a committee of Academic Board. The Committee ensures that programmes   are run within the policy framework of the College.

Schools and Departments also have a role to play in the quality assurance process by ensuring that quality is embedded in the routine activities of the school/department; from entry grade to award of certificate.


The College recognizes that a well-developed system of   student support is essential if students are to get the best from their studies. Three student administration centres are therefore available in the College to provide student support services:

  1. Academic Registry
  2. School Office
  3. Student Affairs Unit
Academic Registry

The Academic Registry deals with matters relating to admissions, registration, fee scheduling, release of examination result, graduations and awards, issuance of transcripts and other academic related documents.


Each school has a student administration office (School Office) which assists students with administrative matters relating to course registration, course requirements, change of course, application for leave of absence,  application for special consideration etc.