Welcome to RSCHT College Library Services

The college library is stocked with so many exciting resources for students. Our library services is committed to supporting students success by providing our college community with the information resources and services they need.

Library Registration

Only students duly registered with the Library will be allowed to borrow library materials. To register, a student must present his/her original admission letter, a passport sized photograph and school fees receipts to the Librarian for verification. All Library users are required to abide by the rules and regulations governing the use of the College Library.

Our Rules & Regulations

There must be utmost silence in and around the Library. Readers causing unnecessary disturbances maybe asked to leave. Identity cards are mandatory for entrance into the Library. Also users must not eat in the Library, as crumbs of food attract insects, pests and rodents, which are destructive to books. Bags, folders, raincoats, umbrellas and parcels are not allowed in the Library. They may be deposited at the Library checkpoint; at the owner’s risk. When leaving the Library Users must submit themselves to the library attendant for check.

For more information, please finish the college library.