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Student Association

(i)         Students wishing to form an association are to apply to the Students’ Affairs Director for approval and registration.

(ii)        Application for registration of an association must be accompanied with the  association’s constitution, the Executive Committee members and  name(s) of adviser(s)/ patron(s).

(iii)       Only registered associations are allowed to operate on campus.


Approved Student Associations.

  1. Academic/Professional Associations
  2. Ethnic Groups/Associations

iii.        Social/Cultural/Philanthropic Associations

  1. Non-denominational Religious Associations.


Student unions/associations are not allowed to make any radio or newspaper announcement/ advertisement concerning their activities which are connected to the College, without first obtaining permission from the Registrar’s office.


Prohibition of Illegal/Secret Society 

The College, like the Nigerian nation frowns at the formation, patronage and existence of secret societies or cult groups within the campus.

It is therefore illegal to operate a secret society in the college or to belong to any banned or unregistered society. Contravention of this regulation shall lead to expulsion